With a team of engineers, technicians and toolmakers with more than 25 years of experience, we can offer you innovative, efficient and competitive solutions for the design and manufacturing of your composite material products as well as for the production of the necessary die models, molds and jigs.

You can expect rigorous project management in the execution of complex projects within the most stringent respect of budgets and timelines.

One of the most attractive aspects of composite materials is the variety of materials and molding processes available. We can offer you a wide range of materials and processes which can be combined and enhanced for optimal solutions for your needs in order to maximise product performance while optimizing costs.


We offer the following selection of materials:

  • Polyester ,Vinyl-ester or Epoxy gelcoats
  • Polyester resins;
  • Vinyl-ester resins;
  • Epoxy resins;
  • Reinforcements using E-glass,S-glass, carbon or Kevlar in various forms of woven, mats or fabrics;
  • Part inner core-Inserts using urethane or thermoplastic foam, balsa, honeycomb, wood and plywood;
  • Metal sub-components using steel, aluminium or stainless steel;
  • Polyurethane, epoxy or methacrylate-based structural adhesives.

Our expertise in composite materials and fiberglass


Our expertise in composite materials and fiberglass