PAGNA Composites: Leading manufacturer of composite material products

PAGNA Composites is an expert in the moulding of composite materials parts for the body panels of heavy trucks, buses ,recreational and specialized vehicles.We are also molding large swimming pools,wind mill blades and cowlings and various industrial products.

We are molding fiberglass and carbon composites in all different forms with various optimized resin formulations.We are having very efficient processes involving robotized fiberglass spray-up and robotized trimming and drilling secondary operations.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our corporate mission. We are committed to a strong and durable partner-supplier relationship with our customers." Beyond our business relationship, we are your partner."


  • Robotized fiberglass spray-up molding;
  • Hand lay-up molding;
  • Vacuum assisted injection molding: Lite RTM;
  • Infusion molding;
  • Infusion molding or Lite RTM of complex sandwich structures;
  • Structural bonding of multi-component products;
  • Robotized trimming and drilling;
  • Part finishing and painting;
  • CNC cutting and machining of non-metallic materials.